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Who Am I?

My name is Michael Wolfe, and I am an American Citizen who is deeply concerned about the direction my country is headed.

It seems like yesterday it was 2007, and the looming threat of a strong progressive presidency had activated many previously dormant citizens to action. It seemed there was a real hope that the then growing movement would bring about a real reduction in the amount of government in our lives, that we would elect men and women to congress who would not only resist the statist agenda of the establishment and the progressive left, but put forward their own agenda, dedicated to the proposition that that government is best which governs least, that Obama’s spending plans would be halted, and we would ultimately be able to turn the tide.

2012 saw the ascendancy of Mitt Romney to the title of Republican nominee, putting a sour taste in the mouths of many activists because of his parallel agenda in Massachusetts to much of Obama’s own plans. None the less, the house majorities were grown and the senate was taken. Unfortunately, even after Boehner was deposed as speaker, the cave and sign strategy that had enabled Obama’s spending agenda to pass through pretty much unscathed continued. Paul Ryan showed why he was Romney’s running mate.

Forward to now. Hillary donor Donald Trump has all but officially secured the nomination for the Republican party, and is already hinting at significant “walk-backs” to his “previous” beliefs regarding gun rights and government healthcare. It has become clear that the liberty movement has been hijacked. Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity and even the venerable World Net Daily have succumbed to Donald’s appeal to win- to win at all costs, even to the abandoning of those things that appeared to differentiate the Republicans from the Democrats. Having conducted extensive studies of Obama’s history and followed his movement, I can say that the emotional and soundbyte support which comprised his campaign’s general body is the same type of support that fills Donald Trump’s campaign. Vetting went out the window when he said build the wall. The mainstream conservative movement shows that they were every bit as susceptible to a catch phrases and slogans as their counterparts on the progressive left.

I am simply an advocate for individual liberty. I want to be free to live my life without having my choices dictated by a remote federal government. I do not want to have my meager treasure squandered by that same government in the pursuit of endless war or cronyism or subjugating my fellow citizens or foreign nationals abroad. I want to see this country become a beacon of hope and liberty to those abroad. That our heritage might be ceased to be joined with globalist forces who engage in endless conflict in the middle east, and across the globe. The actions of the post-constitutional government we have allowed to be created do not represent my beliefs and values, nor those of a reasonable minority of my countrymen. Fortunately, my faith remains in God, and not in Washington or Brussels or any of the other man made governments. They will fail, they will lie, they will destroy but God is always true and always faithful.

  • Previous Political history –

My political genesis began when I watched Bill Clinton lie to my face on TV. It was after this that I began to question the common myth that liberals were for “the little guy.” I began to study American history (thanks in no small part to my father, a WWII and Civil War buff).  Before leaving high school, I was well grounded in my beliefs, though I still had some learning to do regarding the difference between genuine Republican conservatives and RINOs. I graduated Pensacola Christian College in 2006 and came back to Ohio.  Thanks to my earlier studies, when Obama came onto the national scene with his presidential bid, it took me little time to come to the conclusion that his belief system was built on one of the worst “failed policies of the past,” namely, that of socialism.

On April 15th, 2009, I joined with many other Americans stepping onto the field of grassroots activism. Attendance at an “Economic Meltdown” hosted by the JBS and subsequent meetings, I gained a more complete understanding of the dangers I was already somewhat familiar with (or, more appropriately saw the things I studied myself verified by men who had studied the matters for much longer than myself), namely the dangers of the federal reserve’s fiat money and the extent to which UN treaties and actions threaten the freedom and sovereignty of the United States. Thanks to involvement with my local 9/12 group, I learned of the importance of local offices, and took a leap of faith in running for the Union County Republican Central Committee, which I won in the spring of 2010. I am positioning myself to become actively involved in the political process to preserve and defend those sacred liberties God has blessed me with as an American.

I got the opportunity to meet Star Parker

I got the opportunity to meet Star Parker at the 2009 Values Voter Summit in DC.

I oppose: Marxism in all its flavors, fascism, administrative disdain for the life of the innocent unborn, the constant push for laws that diametrically oppose the laws of nature and of nature’s God, and the ever growing power of the executive branch that surpasses all constitutional constraints.

Please join me in praying for the salvation of Barack Obama and for his policies to conform to the Bible and the United States Constitution. Please also join me in working to prevent the social and economic destruction of the United States of America. God had revival in store for Nineveh, but Jonah still had to go and preach. God doesn’t call us to prayer alone [though some have a special ministry of such] but also to action. The Bible says “faith without works is dead.”

25 Responses to “Who Am I?”

  1. Dan said

    Hey mike, found this, thought it was interesting… so… here you go


    LOL… got into a conversation with a democrat they took the test and found out that they completely disagreed with the candidate they were trying to convince me was best… ignorance is growing my friend!

  2. 🙂

  3. Annie said

    Site looks great. Tons of info. Thanks

  4. Johnathon D said

    Hey! I just saw you yesterday! E-mail me. Cool website. Lots of great info!

  5. Andy K said

    I’m taking a shot, assuming this is the Michael that worked the Alicia Healy campaign Sat. Your site is very good. I’ll be back. Hope to see you next Sat, & @ the OSU tailgate Sept 5. Spread the word re the tailgate! Thx

  6. Alicia said

    Hi Michael,

    You are such an amazing American. Thank you for posting my Tea Party Speech on YouTube. I was excited to hear that you came out to my door to door blitz on last Saturday. I am quite impressed with your reliance on God and praying for our leaders. I truly believe that we can and will be restored if God’s people will humble ourselves,pray,seek Gods face,turn from our wicked ways, and God will hear us, forgive us, and heal our land (paraphrase from 2Chronicles 7:14). Thank you for educating others. And your passion to see righteousness restore in our nation is truly refreshing. I would like to add you to my volunteer list so send me an email when you have an opportunity. God Bless

  7. Gerard said

    My dad and I spoke with you at the townhall that howard dean was speaking at, I like your website and think that you’re doing a great thing for the United States of America.

  8. Yahmez said

    Thanks for joining the forum… Look forward to some interesting conversations, I’m sure.

  9. Michael said

    Hey, Michael! Great picture of you with a member of our board! That’s kind of funny, huh? (Parentalrights.org)

    • Thanks, though I do see the tongue-in-cheek jest there!

      I hope you don’t take my article and views on that as being against the concept of preserving parental rights! My issues revolve around section 2 of the amendment. Star Parker has put out some great books and CURE. I also have no animosity towards yourself, hslda is doing a great work in promoting homeschooling, marriage and many related issues from a Christian perspective- all things that I affirm and support.

      From our correspondence we agree that:

      1. The constitutional protections for parents and states have been gradually eroded by gradual perversion through case law.

      2. Parental rights are fundamental rights that should not be usurped by either the federal government or international power grabs.

      3. Something needs to be done to reassert parental rights in the face of encroaching federal bureaucracy and dangerous international treaties.

      What we disagree on is whether or not:

      the language of section 2 of the P.R.A provides an easy opportunity for activist judges to adopt a strict constructionist interpretation of the language regarding “governmental interest” over a technical interpretation of that language in order to achieve the very agenda the amendment is designed to prevent. – an agenda we both want to prevent!

      • Michael said

        I meant my comment as I think you took it – a friendly little jab. I actually enjoy the back-and-forth we have shared and the spirit in which it is given. While I can’t quite count you a “full ally” (due to the disagreement on Section Two), I still consider you a “friendly.” I hold no animosity toward you whatsoever (nor do I sense any from you). Rather, I think we share a friendly mutual respect. We disagree, but we get along just fine. I wish you and your site all the best!

  10. Jeff Gross said

    Michael, it’s good to see a young person such as yourself waking up to what is going on. I wish you can take this message out to the rest of the young generation in a huge way.

  11. Jeff Gross said

    Also..there is no salvation for the antichrist. He will never repent.

  12. deborah price said

    I man after my own heart. I agree with your sentiments exactly…I think we are on the same page. God bless you!
    deb P.

  13. Tom said

    Michael, nice blog. Keep up the good work and keep visiting GUERRILLACONSERVATIVE.BLOGSPOT.COM


  14. awesome. very interesting.. like your angle on it

  15. “I am positioning myself to become actively involved in the political process to preserve and defend those sacred liberties God has blessed me with as an American.” What a great quote!

  16. Love M. said

    I am very proud of you Michael. Keep up the good work.

  17. I thought I would leave the link to this little video I put together from the TEA Party Express event in Avon on 9-3-2011 from the people supporting Ron Paul 2012.

    I got this site address off of the sign in the video.
    Thanks for being dedicated to restoring our free republic.
    The movement is growing to follow the constitution.
    Stay involved. It’s the best we can do to educate our fellow American’s.

  18. Jon said

    As a Christian, an American, and a father, I am deeply disgusted at the level to which you are attempting to propagandize and decieve. As a teacher, I am offended by your lack of historical understanding as well as your complete mis-interpretation of the Constitution. I am annoyed at your poor editing skills, too.

    You are mis-guided and ignorant. I respect your faith and your passion for God and His word but I believe using His name and the Bible to perpetrate your deeply questionable claims and goals is wrong and you will answer to Him.

    • Thank you for reading. Your comment would be better placed on the article you were reading, and citing specific examples of your claims of deception and error. Otherwise it comes off not as a proclaimed brother attempting to correct error, but merely an attempt to slander and discredit doctrines and claims which you dislike personally. However, disliking something does not make it incorrect, deceptive, or untrue.

  19. Yomi said

    Now, how is Obama and the Democrats doing for the country. Election is around the corner and the citizens shall decide.

  20. M.L. said

    Do you get accused of being a racist often (perhaps for your criticism of Obama)?The reason I ask is because is because the HUGE picture of you with Star Parker and of you at a Nigerian weeding struck me as an awkward attempt to demonstrate that you aren’t a racist (after all, you like Star Parker and went to a Nigerian wedding).

    Mind you, I’m not saying I think you’re a racist, or that criticizing Obama makes one a racist, but that was my impression.

    I only read one post of yours so far, an old post that looks at some of Obama’s writing from his pre-presidency books. I think you write quite well, and make some good observations about Barry (this was the excerpt where he expresses his contempt for a multi-racial woman he went to school with for being insufficient,y angry and Afrocentric).

    I think all the hype about Obama being a ‘socialist’ is over-the-top hype. I don’t think Obama is genuinely ideological. To the extent he has a political agenda, it’s leftwing (by America. standards anyway), not because he’s a committed Marxist ideologue, but because that’s the politics of the world he grew up in. I don’t think there’s much to Obama, frankly. Sometimes I almost think he may be a bit autistic, with no real core, just trying to emulate what he observes others doing. He came of age around left wing, race obsessed, academic activist types, so that’s the mask he’s worm most of his life and feels most comfortable wearing. I suspect in a parallel universe he found himself in amongst Bible Belt conservatives, he might’ve gone on to become a rising star of the GOP, espousing Tea Party values, all the while feeling nothing in his core. He’s not some diabolical fiend, he’s just very shallow.

    As for his associations with black militants and racists like Wright and Farrakhan, well, the sad truth is people like that aren’t fringe in black America. Whether this simply reflects lasting distrust of whites over past injustice, or perhaps is a consequence of decades of politically correct MSM failing media to condemn black demagoguery and thus creating an impression that such rhetoric is OK, or something else altogether, the fact is Obama is not unusual in having belonged to a church like Jeremiah Wright’s or frequently reading Farrakhan’s newsletter. Disturbing, yes, unusual, no. Obama is just a reflection of how mainstream people like Wright and Farrakhan have become in the black community; something most whites apparently have not heretofore realized.

    In closing, let me just say, I find your statement about wanting the US government to conform to the Bible a tad creepy. Have you heard of this thing called the establishment clause? Not to mention the fact that if government were to actually conform to the Bible, for one thing, we’s be required to execute people for failing to keep holy the Sabbath, ya know? But I guess I should’ve expected as much when I saw you have “Answers In Genesis” on your blogroll. I don’t say that to be rude (though I must confess I find AiG to be ridiculous).

    You write very well. Too bad you don’t agree with me about more things;)

    • No, I don’t. Mainly because I am up front about who I am. I do enjoy various aspects of African culture, and black culture. I obviously can’t expect you to know that since I don’t put too much of my personal life online. I do also have a passion for black history, having studied some of the figures that are forgotten or quickly glossed over by modern history books. (David Walker), Harriet Tubman, Fredrick Douglass and others). Such a rich history of liberty and righteousness that has been all but erased. Men and women coming from the rawest and barest tyranny that existed in North America to the heights of success, propelled by nothing more than their own hands and the faith that there is a just God who hears their pleas. It has been a draw to me since youth. I do have a passion and a desire to see Black America rise up and claim the fullness of its heritage of power and liberty and faith and to break away from the false stereotypes thrown up by the mass media in arts and entertainment.

      I used to joke about Obama, socialism and community organizing. Until I got to the heart of the matter. Obama is an intelligent man. Lack of ability to speak without a teleprompter does not mean one is shallow. His autobiography Dreams from My Father and a book once recommended by his church were the first books I read as I got to know who Obama was when he was running for president. I don’t think he’s that shallow. A bit arrogant perhaps, but a man who has thought out his belief system, and perhaps comes off waffling earlier because he knew it was far to the left of the American political and social landscape. I have a certain respect for the man, and no longer joke about community organizing. And for a man to go from nowhere to the Presidency in as short of a time as Obama did says something for the man’s ability to organize and his intellect. You don’t seek out the presidency without some kind of agenda, whether for good or for evil, and you certainly don’t accomplish it through incompetency.

      Having met and mingled with many diverse people and networking on facebook, I do believe that the “Reverend” Wrights of the world are a fringe. For me, reality interrupted the mirage set up before me by the media.

      Let me address your last concern, and that is apparently with this statement I make: “Please join me in praying for the salvation of Barack Obama and for his policies to conform to the Bible and the United States Constitution”

      While some may desire a theocracy created and controlled by men, that is not something I want. Indeed, that is not even a theocracy. What I want is a man who conforms his life to God’s standards, a man who is honest and upright. Rejects theft, coveting, and trusts God. You refer to the ceremonial OT Law. The New Testament gives account of the apostles violating the “traditions of the elders” by picking food on the Sabbath. I want a government that upholds the Declaration of independence principles, namely that men are endowed by their Creator with Life and Liberty. Further, if you fear of dark ages convert-or-kill theology, that is not Biblical either. In short, an Honest man who fears God, and upholds his oath to the US Constitution. (BTW, the constitution doesn’t ban the Executive or any other officer of the government from having faith, but from Establishing a state church (a la Church of England) or interfering with other churches.

      Answers In Genesis rejects evolutionary hypothesis, as do I. Except for that, perhaps after reading this you will see that we might not be as far apart as you previously thought, or perhaps it will confirm what you suspected.

      Either way, thank you for the compliments and for reading and for a well reasoned reply.

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